May 30: Masayo’s Diary Part 2


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May 30: Masayo’s Diary Part 2

May 30, 2011

People in Fukushima Prefecture are receiving unreasonable treatment in multiple levels.  A person I met told me about her brother who drove to Akita Prefecture.  When he returned to his parked car someone had sprayed across his windshield “Don’t leave Fukushima!  Go home!”  Another person told me that when she drove to Sendai City with her family she found her parked car, which had a Fukushima license plate, destroyed.  They had to rent a car with a Miyagi Prefecture license plate to return home.  Cars with Fukushima license plates and products from Fukushima are cause to be targeted.  There is no rational reason for attacking people of Fukushima for the nuclear power plant accident and the contamination that followed.  Why are people taking on these hateful acts?  Slogans such as “disaster recovery” and “let’s come together Japan” are being used excessively while irritability for the uncertain future is plaguing us with social unrest.


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