May 30: Masayo’s Diary


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May 30, 2011 : Masayo’s Diary


We visited a privately operated care facility for people with disabilities in the disaster area.  At this facility, young staff with children had all evacuated, and until recently, could not run their day-care service.  With continuous support by volunteers from us, the JDF Disaster Area Support Center for People with Disabilities Fukushima, and new staff we introduced, together with the remaining staff who were middle age and above or single (though some of the staff in this demographics had also evacuated) as well as some staff who returned after having evacuated for some time, the facility finally restarted their day-care service nearly a month after the disaster.  When a man in his 50’s with motor impairment caused by the central nervous system who use to be a regular came, the staff were shocked to see him in an unbelievable state.  Before the disaster, this person was able to walk a little while holding on to something and was able to use the bathroom.  After the disaster, he spent some time in shock and had lost the will to move.  Because there was nowhere to go, he stayed inside the house causing further deterioration of movement.  There was no home-visit nursing care.  The elderly mother who lived with him could not assist him physically when going to the bathroom.  So even though he could feel his need to urinate, he started to use diapers.  What happens when people who can feel the need to urinate use diapers?  It breeds a sense of helplessness.  It makes people believe that “Whatever I do, I cannot change anything.”  Repeated blows to their self-efficacy will lead to complete helplessness and make people lose their will to live.  For this man, regaining self-confidence may be a long path and something he needs to work on through building relationships with the people who come to the day-care facility and the staff there.


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